2019 POSITIONS - (click on job for description and application)

RANCH WRANGLER/FISHING GUIDE - Ranch Wrangler duties as well as teaching and guiding fly-fishing. June through September only

RANCH WRANGLER/TRAP SHOOTING GUIDE - Ranch Wrangler duties as well as takes lead in trap shooting instruction. Experience necessary.

RANCH HAND - MAINTENANCE - This position requires a mature, motivated individual in good physical health who will have a lot of interaction with both guests and crew. Must be safety conscious, able to lift 85 pounds, drive vehicles with a stick shift and have clean driving record; therefore applicants must be at least 21 years of age. This job requires safety knowledge & experience with many tools, mowers, auto engines, chain saw; experience with plumbing, electrical and general constructions skills a must. Will require flexibility and ability to work productively without supervision and able to act immediately as circumstances arise.  Must be able to stay the full season, June through September.

HOUSEKEEPER/WAIT STAFF - Daily housekeeping of lodge & cabins as well as assisting in serving ranch meals, clean-up.  Other duties include some yard work, painting/staining and help in gift shop. Must be able to stay full season through 3rd week of September.

KIDS WRANGLERLeading active kid’s program to children 6-12 or teens 13-17 June through August 17. Must have horse & child care experience.


ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and show proof of citizenship or immigration status.  American citizens will have to produce a valid driver’s license and an original social security card or passport before they are allowed to start work.

AVAILABILITY: We can only hire employees who can work from late May or early June through late August or into September.

COMPENSATION AND DAYS OFF: Salary rate will be established when a job offer is made. As with most dude ranches, we compensate you in several ways.  You will receive full room and board and monetary compensation. It is understood that your first month of employment is considered a probationary period.  If you leave before your departure date, or are released from your Staff Position by the JJJ Wilderness Ranch, only current salary amounts due will be paid.

All employees are paid monthly on the 1st of the month.  Each paycheck will include earnings for all work performed through the previous payroll period, and if you took extra time off, that will be deducted.  Exact hours will vary, but all employees will work 6 days and have 1 day off each week. You will receive an Employment Agreement contract upon hiring that will fully describe compensation.

Any gratuities that you receive directly from guests are yours and you will be responsible for tax reporting. If the guest leaves any gratuities for the ranch to distribute, these will be distributed with each monthly payroll.

Remember this is a short but busy season for us, and when you hire on, we plan on you working full-time, unless otherwise specified.  While a day here or there can be arranged (with advance notice only), many days off cannot.  Doing this puts an unnecessary burden on your coworkers and management who must work short-handed while you are gone.  Remembering “Cousin Ed’s wedding in Tulsa” after you are here is not appropriate.

MEALS AND HOUSING: Meals and housing are provided for Staff members at no cost.  Male employees room together in the Cowboy’s Bunkhouse, and female staff room together in 2 different Cowgirl cabins; we have separate housing for the head cook.  The housing is NOT co-ed.  Female staff is not allowed in the men’s quarters and male staff is not allowed in the women’s quarters.  You will be living with others, and there is not a lot of storage or rooms for extra things so don’t bring too many things.  You must also keep your things neat and organized.  All employees are responsible for his/her quarter cleanliness, as well as cleaning of your bathroom facilities.  You will be assigned a cleaning schedule.

Employees are not allowed to have overnight guests stay in employee housing.  Linens are furnished.  The Ranch is smoke free and smoking is prohibited in public areas of the ranch, and in the lodge, barn, or cabins.  Our guests are not allowed to bring pets, so likewise, our staff. (No exceptions-don’t ask).  We are not a party place so if you are, this is probably not the job for you.

All employees are provided with 3 meals each workday.  Employee breakfast is served at 6:30 am.  Lunch and dinner are taken with guests at 12:30 and at 6:30 pm; however, wait and kitchen staff serves the guests and their meals are taken in the kitchen.  All staff get one to two nights a week helping with dinner dishes. All employees intermingle with guests, and watch for their needs, and help to clear after meals.

Working and living together on a 24-hour basis is not always easy.  This type of communal living requires certain policies be observed out of respect for other employees and our family.  You are living and working at our home so we expect you to abide by our guidelines.

LAUNDRY SERVICES:  Washers and dryers are provided for staff use at no charge.  You will need to bring your own laundry detergent and supplies.

TRANSPORTATION: You must have your own vehicle to get on and off the ranch, as imposing your transportation needs on other staff members or the ranch does not work.  We are 25 miles (45 minutes) from the small town of Augusta, and 2 hours from Great Falls.  A designated parking area has been established for staff vehicles and you will need to keep your vehicle in this area.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE: The atmosphere at the Ranch is western.  Our guests expect to see cowboys and cowgirls - that’s what they came here for! Good social skills, table manners and a neat and clean appearance are expected. Foul language is not acceptable.

Cowboy hats will be worn for all horse-related activities and other specified activities. Baseball caps are not allowed on rides. Staff members need to come prepared to dress the Western style (*exception kitchen staff*) and to present a neat and clean appearance at all times.  Tattered jeans, yoga pants or skimpy tank tops are not acceptable. Western style jeans are appropriate attire and are required when riding.  Cowboy boots, Ropers, Packers and other western style boots should be used for riding or any horse-related activity.  Shoes must provide safe, secure footing, and offer protection against hazards. Hairstyles are expected to be in good taste.  If you have long hair, please keep it tied back while on duty (mandatory in kitchen).  Those arriving with extreme hairstyles such as spiked hair, wild colors or dreadlocks will be asked to make modifications.  Males are expected to be clean-shaven when arriving to work each day.  A beard or mustache must be neatly trimmed and if you have not arrived with one, you may not grow one during the season.  

Offensive body odor and poor personal hygiene is not professionally acceptable.  Facial jewelry such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings, and tongue studs must not be worn during work hours.  Torso body piercing with visible jewelry or jewelry that can be seen through or under clothing must not be worn during business hours.  Visible tattoos and similar body art must be covered during business hours.

COMMUNICATION: There is no cell service at the Ranch, but we do have Wi-Fi in the lodge as well as a guest/crew phone. Cell phone/telephone/internet usage is for break time or after hours at designated locations in the lodge.  No texting, messaging, etc. while in the lodge during work hours.  If it becomes a problem during work hours, the Wi-Fi gets shut off.

FIREARMS: Firearms are not permitted on the Ranch unless prior permission is obtained from Management.

MEDICAL CARE: The JJJ Wilderness Ranch does not provide health insurance for our seasonal employees.  All employees are covered by the State of Montana Workers Compensation during work periods at no cost to the employee.  

CPR /FIRST AID CERTIFICATION: We require that all staff are current with a CPR Card (Basic Life Saving for Adults and Children).  First Aid classes are given at the beginning of the season specific to our location and potential situations.  A copy of your CPR and First Aid certification will be in your employee file.